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Hsinyi Gems Group was originated in 1978 during the era where the processing industry of synthetic diamond - cubic zirconia was in the sprouting stage. Since established in 1984, the company has not stopped its pace but ventured into Thailand in Southeast Asia from Taiwan in 1986. It then branched out to set up its first offshore company that includes a production factory and export office. During the initial stage of China reform in 1991, the company further entered China to start the processing business, and has been adhering to the core capability of development and production to expand the single cubic zirconia production line to various kinds of synthetic gemstones. There, it upgraded the simple grinding technique using simple manual grinding machines to high-tech fully automatic grinding machines. The purpose is to use the most advanced production technology to enhance sustainable development of this gemstone processing industry that has been inherited thousands of years.

Development History

After 25 years of efforts, Hsinyi Gems Group has currently become the most professional manufacturing company and supplier of cubic zirconia and synthetic stones (various kinds of synthetic gemstones) in Asia Pacific regions. 
Since 1993, the branch sales offices and factories established at cross-strait three places have provided customers in these areas the most direct after-sales services.
In 1998, the company set up its second export business office in Hong Kong with the aim to use the same enthusiasm as in Thailand to serve worldwide customers with synthetic gemstones. 
Meanwhile, to cope with expanding needs in sales, the company purchased a new piece of land in China of area 67,000m² in 2005 to expand its factory premise, the expansion project of which is divided into three phases. 
Phase I was completed in July 2007, the new factory premise is able to accommodate 3,000 processing workers, thereby laying a strong foundation in self-production and self-marketing of its products. Coupled with the expanded regional sales offices at various Asian districts, the company has succeeded in providing the best services and the fastest delivery speed for large number of customers.

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